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Transferring Care to McKinney Allergy and Asthma Center

Just moved to the McKinney area and want to continue allergy shots? Welcome to McKinney Allergy and Asthma Center! Below are the steps to become an allergy shot patient at our practice. 

Transferring Allergy Shots

1. Schedule a new patient appointment. New patient appointments are required for those transferring allergy shots. This appointment will allow the provider to review your medical history and introduce you to our practice. We only interpret skin allergy testing from board certified allergist, we do not interpret Allery tests preformed by other specialties (such as ENT).  

2. Pick up your epi pen. As a precaution, every allergy shot patient is required to have an epi pen. You will need to bring your epi pen to every allergy shot appointment and present it to the shot nurse. 

3. Take your antihistamine. We also require our patients to take an antihistamine 2-24 hours before your scheduled shot. 

4. Schedule your allergy shot. We require our patients to make appointments for each shot, our allergy shots are not on a walk in basis. 

5. Wait 30 minutes in the lobby after your allergy shot. Each patient is required to wait 30 minutes in our lobby after your shot in case of shot reactions.

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